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The ancient global tribal structures of House of life have always focused on personal empowerment and clear clean energy structures in all dimensions, including 3D. The Soul and Divine Connection of human beings have been separated from the Physical Body and held for ransom by Church and State over Eons of War, Torture, and threat of Eternal Suffering. Tribal structures and living belief systems were destroyed systematically around the Globe. Our indigenous ways and connections to Nature and Personal Authenticity as well as Sovereignty and free will have been destroyed from within. We do Not Have Souls, we ARE LIVING SOULS. The conflict within must be cleared and the living Divine structure returned. The teachings and tools are so simple and intrinsic, for minds in such automatic conflict and deep resistance due to industrialized education, Power Over structures from the .01% that it may seem ‘Advanced’. This basic simplicity activates the dormant Genius within.

Check out these courses & activities for clearing conflicting beliefs held by the subconscious, epigenetics as well as energy fields removing resistance to Manifestation of conscious thoughts and desires. Connected into the subconscious patterning for manifestation, allowing the experience personal power, authority and genius in your life and relationships.
We offer a new relationship with Creator energy and personal Divinity shifts that changes DNA Automagically, awakening buried potential in all areas of life.

Choose your Own Experience

You are free to choose your experience within the House of Life.  

Working with the House of Life is accessible to all with many options from free materials, sliding fee scales, and the opportunity to meet the teachers before you choose your courses. We are eliminating the structures of the current institutions in the matrix (church, government, education) to recognize free will.  When we free ourselves from conflict we can choose our reality. The only way to do this is to move into a realm of free will and choice. Being able to strip the conflict allows you to have a real perspective of what programming is coming out.  We teach you to recognize what programming is coming from outside of us and what programming is coming from inside of us. Most importantly, we teach you how to shift and change into that freedom, to really choose to move from overwhelm and drama trauma, from stress, into a focused centeredness. Power is in the NOW.  Only you can know who your connections are with and what feels right for you.  This is why House of Life allows YOU to make the choices that are the best fit for you. 
(Offering different services and teachings at the temple structures open.)  

HoL and it’s ancient structures are all about personal empowerment and it is providing structures as well as support for a completely new life focus. This will turn your head and change your perspective.  It will change the symphony of who you are. You become the spell and you are the dance. Working with HoL allows you to choose the partner you NEED. It gives you the choice of live courses, working one on one, private work at your own pace courses including community outside of facebook and social media. 

HoL is offering focused courses as well as sessions with priestesses and healings that come directly to us from the ancient temples and aligned to the ages.  Working with holographic time, stargates, alternative lives, sourcery, shamanism, the arts, and multiple modalities and tools for healing and claiming your own life and reality.  These are from the original structures and functions from the tribal temple pyramid cultures around the world.

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Specific Offerings


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Experience the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries of the Straightening of the Djedt, Sed (Stargate) Activation’s, along with practicals for working with the ancient tools.

Workbooks, Journals and Oracle Decks are available. GoldenHawk is the creator of Ancient Powers, Egyptian Ascension, SemaTawy & More. Born ‘remembering’, her personal & professional experience spans lifetimes.

Personal Empowerment Course

Mastery Course

Working as the law of attraction really works


Bee In The World,Not Of It




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Daily Living

Creating Your Magical Path
(subscription plan)

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AP Channeling Genius: Creating Your Journal of Shadow and Light

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Alchemical Health

Sacred Waters of Your Body

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Each Priestess offers a Roundtable Discussion once a month. To participate, we ask that you make an offering at your discretion.
If you do not have funds for this experience we ask that you pay it forward with a random act of kindness.

Contact Individual Priestesses for Private Mentorship Opportunities.

House of Life accepts monetary offerings.

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