Egyptian Ascension Oracle Deck

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66 card deck, with 54 ‘Deity’ cards, the 10 Bodies that align to the 64 codons & 2 indicator cards The Egyptian Ascension Oracle is the Core Deck in the expansion series designed to weave through & assist integration of information and alchemical processing for the activation energy structure with GoldenHawk’s popular Ancient Powers & Body of Unification Courses (Ancient Egyptian Sourcery & ‘Shamanism’).  This core deck functions alone as an Oracle, as well as facilitates learning the ancient names, functions and keys of the 64 Codons in the Human Genetic Blueprint, based on earliest spiritual & metaphysical information from Ancient Egypt and Global Tribal Sourcery & Shamanic Structures. Excellent for Practice. If you are attracted to Egypt you will LOVE The Egyptian Ascension Oracle.

Available in two convenient sizes

Jumbo Size {3.5 x 5.5 in}

Euro Poker Size {63 x 88 mm}

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