The House of Life was originally created as the center(s) of the first and most enduring civilisations on our planet, thousands of years ago. It is the ‘name’ or ‘title’ of the healing and learning portion of each temple complex in Djedt/Egypt.Created to serve the peoples through the Zodiacal Ages, as the Inner Temples gave service to the Earth and Sun as well as Humanities Collective Consciousness to heal the damage wrought by Cataclysm. This civilisation and spirituality that was structured with intent, for eternity. From an internal focus, the wellbeing of the land and her peoples building ‘As Above, so Below’, patterned to flow with the Heavens for Ages. The ‘Gods’ not false, external beings but Neters, Natures that exist within humanity, the Creators. Sparkling threads of the ancient truths are woven into the Dogmas of Religions around the world. These energies, the Neteru, are beckoning, we hear and feel them within ourselves calling us home. Egypt (Djedti), purposefully […]