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During the remergence of the ‘The House of Life’ systems of Activations, Healings, Energy Structuring, and Journeys, a great many gifts and talents opened for me. I kept more than ‘journals’, and now have not only this ‘Mystery School’, I ended up with a massive amount of artwork, sculpture, poetry, stories, recipes etc. Some of the Art was strictly aligned to the work, others more commercial.  Personally, I tend to hold on to my originals, Gallery Shows, a Museum Exhibit, the offers came but I could no let go.

In 2014 the Jewelry designs came in strong. I started training with crystals & stones making jewelry with my grandmother when I was four, she passed me her ‘secrets’ and I’ve never stopped working with them. I have had the honor of working with some of the greatest Stone & Crystal Masters, which enriched my knowledge and experience base. In 2015 I began the creation my Jewelry Line for AP Courses, pieces to anchor the Ancient Egyptian Activations starting with  ‘Becoming the Phoenix’ from the ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead.


Bast Buddies &
Phoenix Fyr Jewelry

BAST BUDDIES is a Shopify business formed by Jo W. Diamond, GoldenHawk & Robyn Jones to create an online ‘Storefront’ & drop shipping convenience for Phoenix Fyr Jewelry, and to share custom art, made to order (no waste)  on a variety of items securely. Robyn Jones is our ‘super conductor’, making special orders, personalization and more available for our shoppers as well as priestesses & other artists that are working with us.

Robyn, our priestesses & customers will be sharing favorites weekly here & on Instagram. Join US, and remember House of Life & BASTBUDDIES.COM for those very special Holiday Gifts!

Robyn Jones
Robyn Jones

The HOL Priestesses would like to introduce everyone to Robyn. She is’s merchandise and drop ship specialist, a partner. Robyn has many years of experience in all areas of management, technology, & a strong commitment to customer service.

All of us have our stories, challenges and the important bits that fill our hearts and our lives in general. We all have those hard choices to make, whatever they are. The picture of Robyn above features her beloved grandchild born on 12-21-2012, a date that definitely ended her ‘old’ World as it was, and began a new life as well as lifestyle for her. Along with her work with Bast Buddies, Robyn has chosen to be an at home caregiver for her grandchildren to help provide the loving support, awareness & stability so desperately needed in the lives of our Indigos, Crystals & Diamonds.

Phoenix Fyrs Divine Mother, in Silver is a limited Collection, Information on the stones, minerals, mythology of the Icons and how they function together is available, as well as stone & Mineral care.

Sandi will be making many of her pieces available soon.
We will be providing links for Hard Copy Publications of course books as well as special order Journals.

For detailed information about Phoenix Fyr Designer Jewelry, see details….

Examples of Offerings

Description re Isotonix, for more information, contact Kim or check out more….

Description of SemaTawy course, by GoldenHawk

Description re Bastbuddies, for more information, more….

Anubis, Hathor, Lotus, Ankhs

Egyptian Oracle Deck – for more information, Jumbo or Poker sizes….

Description of Ancient Powers course, by GoldenHawk

Description re Grimm Bean, for more information, more….

Under Construction

Link to Crystal Store, & more information … Coming soon.

Link to Handley Rock & Jewelry Supply & more information … Coming soon.

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