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Generations of indoctrination as members of ‘THE CHOSEN PEOPLE (S)’ programmed as servants of abusive GODS of Division, War, and Conflict, burying our Authenticity & Access to FREE WILL. Subconscious programming and entangled energy fields automatically match systems created to enslave. Experience Ancient Tribal Teachings once shared Globally that take you into an understanding of your Gifts, Personal Divinity & Provide distinctly individual keys, BEYOND MASTERY.

Healings, Training & Modalities from Temples anchored in Antiquity JOINBUTTON
The House of Life was originally created as the center(s) of the first and most enduring civilisations on our planet, thousands of years ago. It is the ‘name’ or ‘title’ of the healing and learning portion of each temple complex in Djedt/Egypt.Created to serve the peoples through the Zodiacal Ages, as the Inner Temples gave service to the Earth and Sun as well as Humanities Collective Consciousness to heal the damage wrought by Cataclysm.

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The ‘Dawning’ of the Age of Aquarius went into its ‘Cusp’ on February 4th 1962, December 21st 2012was its midpoint, the following 50 years will reveal it’s Foundations, we are ‘Coming Forth By Day’. In this process, Humanity has drawn the Earth into a crisis of consciousness that is destroying our beautiful Planet. We can change that. One person at a time. The importance of the individual is paramount.

The systems offered in House of Life are ancient, yet new, they have been developed over decades, from the point of revelation through ongoing and practical application for the purpose of release from this crisis of consciousness and healing self as well as our Planet.

Re-wiring, or hacking our systems is nothing new, it is Ancient. Not emptying or erasing the existing programming first can be problematic. New Science Based Teachings seem to be missing something integral. The Ancients had it all. It speaks in an echoing wholeness to millions.
The House of Life, based on the Ancient Systems that Science is just begining to ‘prove’. New to the internet, hidden from the masses for millennia, these ancient systems HAVE ALWAYS WORKED, for the linages who kept them. These are the Mysteries of the Ages, for the individuals Divine Embodiment.

Change your perspective, shift your assemblage point.

We expect House of Life’s change of platform to take it’s own Divine Time in ‘Remergence’. Over courses, classes and journeys have been available in ‘the real world’ for decades, these are We are currently offering GoldenHawks Foundation Bhod-i Courses, Attunements Activations , SemaTawy Empowerment, and Body of Unification. courses for tapping into & Experiencing Your Genius, Alchemical Change, Greater Health & Energy as well as our Free FB group. Private sessions and Mentorships available.
Check out Bhod-i Offerings and listen to what a few of our clients have to say.

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’As Above, So Below’ The Sacred Blue Lotus
Central teaching & training that seeded Tribal Cultures around the World

The Ages of Egypt (Djedt/Khemet)




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