Remergence of the House of Life

Remerging is to bring together (re-member) something that was in bits and pieces, in the darkest buried depths of time. Remergence is to remerge then raise to the surface, to reveal the cohesive wholeness that that had been shattered, scattered and hidden through perspective and/or purposeful control. Humanity is now experiencing the personal as well as global remergence of Tribal Antiquities’ TRUE purpose and TRAINING.

Humanities view of Ancient Belief Systems is being cleared of the Napoleonic & Victorian Era Christian biased Perspectives like cleaning a lens as Physics begins to reveal the truth that Humanity is the creator of realities and teachings for our abilities were available before Religious Dogma took control through Conflict, Scarcity & Fear.

Many people, perhaps you are one of them, have been experiencing recognition, a feeling of familiarity with Ancient Egypt, Peru, Nepal, Catal Huyuk, Stonehenge, the Bosnian Pyramids and other ancient sacred sites around the Globe. From feelings of Deja Vu to streaming ‘past life’ memories, we are opening an entirely new Ancient World, and it is personal. All of us that have come together to create this ‘Remergence’ of The House of Life have strong memories and deep ties to Ancient Egypt that began early in life. We will share our personal stories of the interesting, sometimes seemingly fated meetings later, but the connections were intense and could not be ignored. There was a recognition, a knowing, when we met. Our life paths fit, flowed into this one central focus, the mission was the same, Human Sovereignty. Each of us brings different training, skills and gifts, but the passion is One. We have each given our lives to BE HERE NOW, living in authenticity, exposing our vulnerability in integrity, for the future of our planet and the freedom of her peoples to live in balance and abundance.

The NAME of God is Amen – beckoning

A Stranger in a strange land, I was born awake, and gifted. Knowing beyond simple faith or belief, a spiritual system rooted deeply in a very different Perspective of GOD & Divinity, the perspective that HUMANITY IS CREATING THE REALITY WE LIVE IN. We are co-creating OUR WORLDS, rooted in conflict, scarcity , and a programmed belief in ‘The Chosen People”.

My Father’s Question of me, over & over, “Do you think you’re right & the rest of the world is wrong?” My answer, every time, was & IS, ‘YES.’ One look told me the World Leaders, and their ‘followers’ have it wrong. ‘A’ Jealous God(s) of Abuse? One God of The Book, with one ‘CHOSEN PEOPLE’, who is different yet the same, for 75% of the world’s religions. Religion based on Might over right and Power Over. People Starving, .01% of the world making decisions for EVERYONE, Caste Systems, Human Bondage, Destruction of the EARTH for MONEY? Life based on Death and CONFLICT. The List goes on and on, but what tops it is These Religions separate the SOUL from the Body, Hold it Hostage to eternal fire and DAMNATION. Talk about Stockholm Syndrome. It was past time For CHANGE.

GoldenHawk, Arch Priestess

GoldenHawk “Everyday I see enslaved Humanity in a Dying World, but it can change, if you clear conflict from your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND shifting your perspective so you CAN CHOOSE live in clarity and Power.”

Immersing myself into sacred teachings, ‘Mythologies’ and cultural studies from age 3, I found Egypt in the bible and the House of Life was revealed soon after. My Dream has been the Return of the House of Life, the shift of Humanities PERSPECTIVE of GOD/Divinity to the indwelling Eternal Spirit and the Living Soul. The Awakening is Happening NOW. My mission is to supply the Ancient Structures & Tools as well as support and experience to those who have the gifts, the ‘Children of The Sun’. Human Beings are Creators, as we have created the realities we live in. It is past time to take our power and free will back, clear ourselves and focus within to manifest the Heart Centered and Vitally Healthy World we know we desire to CHOOSE.

After 30+ years of healing, experience and teaching, I have gathered 5 very dedicated, gifted specialists, with similar missions, extensive training and experience to provide services with structured energy systems.

About Our Priestesses

GoldenHawk, (Lady of Arx) of TaMaRet / TaMaRa (Egyptian) Dr., Ph.D, the Channel for Hathor 9fold1, Founder of House of Life for the Age of Aquarius, creator of Ancient Powers, and SemaTawy. A gifted healer, psychic, sorcerer and shaman. A Soul Transforming Activator, Resonator, Teacher and Speaker. Born remembering the Ancient world and past lives with a mission to strip the Myths and return to truth. Her life’s passion has been the restoration of Sovereignty and Free Will to humanity based on the ancient Pharaonic system, releasing seals placed in genetic codes to resonate Sacred Geometry, Super-String (DNA) and the Diamond Field. Structuring 9 Dimensions, gifts open at a new level, that of a sovereign creator. Committed to communicating and working with those who are ready to end connection with the old Paradigm to Shift out of the Matrix and HOLD the Heart in Unconditional Love, Live the original Star Code Structures, translate information instantly, heal generations of pain and the causes of disease, releasing the gifted with their missions. Her dream is to join in creation with a community of individuals actively living a new reality in 4D as Quantum Creators. LinkedIn profile

Sandi LaraTonda, Priestess of Thoth/Seshat

Sandi is an Adult Indigo with a deep connection to Indigo, Crystal, and Diamond Children and CREATIVITY. She is highly intuitive and clairsentient. She is an artist, musician, poet, psychic medium, certified with Hands of Light, a Master Reiki Practitioner and Energy Worker, a Crystal and Color Energies Expert, an Oracle Card reader, and also 20 year Catalyst for Indigo and Crystal Children.  She has been an English Literature teacher in the public school system for 20 years and has recently retired from that calling to pursue her soul’s purpose. She has earned several degrees including a BS Ed. In Education, MS Ed. in Technology, and an MS Ed. in Reading. She welcomes your messages and is excited to help you reach your personal best. Sandi works with those who are stepping out of the Matrix and opening their creative genius to open the genesis of their authenticity as creators of their personal integrity. LinkedIn profile

Khata, 50+ years Priestess of Auset / Isis

Khata is a Shaman, Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Minister of S.H.E.S., and a 2005 Graduate of Ancient Powers 1 and 2. She has also graduated with an AAAS Business Technology Degree in 2014. Her life experience includes being a caregiver for 6 years to her mother who had Dementia/Alzheimer Disease. She also spent 15 years caring for her elderly brother with Schizo-Effective Disorder. She is now retired and in her third phase of life as a Teacher/Mentor, Photographer, and Artist. Khata works with people who are looking for daily support in living beyond the Matrix, reminders of the simple things that bring joy, healing, and magic back into their lives.
LinkedIn Profile

Jo Whitman Diamond, Priestess of Dendera

JoJo is passionate about her work and has dedicated her most recent studies to this area. She is excited to draw upon her many life experiences which include four decades of ministry, Professional Project Management since 1991, Stealth Technology & Antennas research and development since 1984, Electromagnetics-Optics-Acoustics since the mid 80’s, & scattering simulation in Random Media since the 80’s. Brings with her over five decades of research & development in Mathematics Education, Choreography, 25 years in Feline Genetic Health, 20 years in General Aviation & Investment Planning, along with Calligraphy, Chromodynamics, Orchestration, and Oceanography. Inspired & excited to bring this sovereign information to all who want to learn how to leverage Astrology & Astronomy in their lives to augment & explore ASTROLOGY as a tool for self-sovereignty, expansion, & ascension.
 LinkedIn Profile

Kim Watts, Lady of the Helwan Traditions

Kim is a certified Medium, Geomancer, Soul Realignment Practitioner ®, Divine Soul Coach, Teacher, and Mentor. She is a Master in her field of transformation and transcendence providing her clients with skill, knowledge of their life purpose, and their divine Gifts. Kim’s focus is helping her clients live their purpose allowing them to achieve health, wealth, and healing that provides practical tools to integrate into daily life. Kim guides those who need support in changing their perspective on spiritual and physical wellness and what is needed to actually structure it. Kim provides guidance and support to those on their path to authentically embody health and well being as part of their spirituality. LinkedIn profile

There is no ‘Lightwashing’ here.

The focus is not High Frequencies, Angels & Light, but a true Multidimensional unfolding, embracing the depth of our Darkness, the Shadow Body, the truth of Humanity. Your Ancestry both Physical and Energetic. The process of Release, Resonance,
the Alchemy of integration that creates YOUR life path into Authenticity. Awareness in 10 Dimensions.

To Become a Sovereign Being directly connected through SOURCE, free of old subconscious controls.
Free your ancestors, release generations of conflict, for yourself, your lineage and your World.

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